Friday, December 26, 2008

Traditions, Christmas..and oh yes..a picture overload..

How many boys does it take to put up a tent?

And there they are again..15 mins later

and yes we did need glasses it was bright..

this and 3 more levels full of people...

My cute nephew asking for an x-box

My little sister and niece

and yes that is my husband..:)

My little Nephew

Since I can even remember we have been going to the Carter Christmas Eve party. I look forward to this every year but this party is beginning to get out of many people can be held in one house, honestly?! fitting around 80 people in one home can be a bit of a problem but we do it some how and every year we have a least one more person join..I wonder how long it will last, but with that said I do love this party and always will because its all I remember. Last year my Mom and Dad started a little tradition of there own..after the party we all go back to my parents house and make a toast...starting in a circle we say what we are thankful for, afterwards, toasting with each other. I have loved this but something that has been around, again since I can even remember, is my dad setting out the lucky charms with a bow on them..we are not allowed to touch or open until christmas morning. Me being married of course I did not get to eat them but I just hope I have such fun traditions when I begin to have a family of my own.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday....

MY now 24! I love him for so many reasons, here are a few (24 to be exact)
1. You can fix just about everything, or at least you try
2. Always thinking of me and making my life easier
3. You can make friends with just about anyone
4. You take the garbage out for me :)
5. Your deep sounding, grunting like laugh
6. I never have to ask "do you love me" he makes me know it everyday
7. He has a very forgiving heart
8. He carries himself with a great deal of pride
9. He has reachable goals in life
10. He looks sexy in dress cloths
11. The way I turn him on without doing anything:)
12. He isn't ashamed to cry in front of me
13. How he makes me feel when I think I am nothing
14. He doesn't mind going shopping with me
15. I love knowing we will be together for eternity
16. That you hold the priesthood
17. We can glance at eachother from across the room and know what eachother is thinking, and ohhhh..that smile that I love
18. You are my best friend
19. That I get to fall asleep and wake up in his arms every night and morning
20. He kisses me goodbye every morning
21. He sings to Destiny Childs 'Say My Name' at the top of his lungs with me
22. The way he dances
23. The way he calls just to say he loves me

And finally but not least.........

24. You love me and I love you

..HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe I love you.

Monday, December 15, 2008

And its finally here..

Dec 15, 2007
1 year of Marriage! I never thought this day would come by so fast..but it did, and it flew!!

To me it seems people hide things on here pretending that there lives are perfect or that they never struggle. You could also accuse me of doing so, and I will not fight you, but I am here to say, no I’m not living in a fairly tale. My life is not all roses. Jason does plenty of things that really get under my skin. But through out this year I have realized I married him for some pretty good reasons and I need to learn to pick my battles. Is it really that big of a deal if he doesn't wash the dishes the way I like? Or that he thinks he is always right? Is it worth a screaming match? No.I don’t know about you, but for me I like to be in control of things. Well who am I kidding? I like to be in control of everything. Unfortunately, Jason doesn’t like to give up all of that control. Sometimes that leads to an argument. If he would just realize I am always right, things would work out so much better! But since that’s probably not going to happen any time, I’ve decided to take a new approach. Compromise. And instead of constantly nagging about all the things that drive me crazy, I’ve decided to be more conscious of the things I love. Jason is not perfect and neither am I, but he’s all mine. And I consider myself to be pretty lucky to have him. Sometimes with our lives, we forget to stop and smell the roses. I know that’s an old cliche, but have you ever actually stopped to smell the roses? You can smell a rose right now, right? And do you remember how beautiful the sun is as it sets? You’re envisioning it now aren’t you? We tend to forget about the beautiful things until somebody actually points them out to us. Well you live 24/7 (for the most part) with your spouse. Nobody knows him better then you. So it’s up to you to remind yourself of the good things. Remember why you got married and why you stay married. Remember why you get a big smile on your face and why your heart skips a beat when you see him. Don’t forget to appreciate the little things. And don’t forget to recognize the reasons you love your spouse. Because I know I love mine more then I could ever tell you.

Happy Anniversary My Cuddle bug...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Parties Out The Ying Yang

All the December Birthdays..

Such a fun game...and the ending result...

Reindeer Antlers

Jason digging for gold

We had 4 parties this weekend, in a 3 day time period, wow! We had a lot of fun but by the time the 4Th one rolled around we were all partied out. It was an eventful packed weekend..I say why not bring on more, right?

Monday, December 8, 2008

NFR and VEGAS trip..

Inside our hotel

Inside again

The horse show


On are way home (ending to such a fun trip)

why does he look like he's trying to be hardcore? (thats okay I still love him)
We headed down last Friday to the NFR...I have never been and his family goes every year so this was the first time I was able to go with them. His Grandma and Grandpa bought tickets last year and I remember thinking that is forever away, but look its already gone and past, crazy how time flies eh? We were lucky ducks though we had 6 rows up from the bottom, does it get any better, well wait it does but count are blessing we were that close. We had a blast down there, we rode on the stratasphere (spelling?) and New York New York! I wanted to go to Cirque Du Solei show but didn't get around to it..for sure next time though. I forgot how Vegas was, lets just say CRAZY people! we had a few questions asked that I am sure we could have went with out but it did make for a few laughs. Jason lost 4 dollars gambling it broke us! just a joke but anyways he did get 40 dollars from his brother for cashing his in! Cant wait for next year!

Do You Understand?.......

Dont worry I dont either and I live with the man! I have never met a man so organized and un-organized at the same exact time. Organized meaning things like this, un-organized meaning always being late to things..along with me. I had to drive just so that Jason could figure this little sucker out. This is Jasons plan on how he is going to make us major moola down in Vegas gambling, dont ask me how it works because quite honestly I have no idea. If your wondering if it worked, it didn't. because he didn't dare gamble (good boy). We did however win some earnings off his little brother. His brother isn't old enough to gamble but did anyway so Jason had to cash in for him, lets just say we charged him a little fee for cashing:) is that bad?

More to come from Vegas! very soon.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Already....?



Setting up surround sound

*I am doing this post again because I erased it..darn it!
Christmas came early for the Ahlins this year...We went shopping the day after Thanksgiving and got some great deals. We got all of are shopping done, well except for my mother-in-laws but I still think we got ALOT done. Me and Jason bought a surround sound and so that night Jason just had to put it up..I swear me and Jason can not keep secrets from each other, in the time we have dated me and him have not opened a present from each other once! Saturday we put up our christmas tree while watching the Grinch (on are surround sound, awesome!) but I will tell you what our cat better be a fast learner because he has a lot of butt woopin's coming his way if not! He has already broke 3 bulbs! It felt like Christmas though because I had wanted to go buy a nativity scene and some stockings and guess what...I forgot that we went and bought some after Christmas last year, what a nice suprise!
Happy Holidays!
p.s. the pictures were taken with phone, sorry.