Friday, May 29, 2009

Peanuts Graduation

Yesterday my little sister graduated from High School..I cant believe how old both of us are getting. Growing up me and her were literally glued to the hip, we had such big imaginations and did everything we could do together..making up so many new games and having so many laughs. It seemed that once we got to highschool {maybe I became a brat} but we grew apart. I regret those years I spent, spending more time with my friends then my sister. The last couple months I actually feel like our selfs again, and its nice. I love spending time with her, she is such a happy person all the time and so bubbly, although she may be a ditz sometimes I love it and I love to laugh with her. Good Luck Elisa with college!

All The boys

All The Girls

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And its done..Almost

I am sure most of you have already predicted that this will either be about the cows or the house..since that is pretty much what my life has been consumed of. It is a post about the {HOUSE} but hopefully it will be one of the lasts, I am sure your sick of it and so am I.



{After+ a little decorating}


Of course there are alot more things I would like to do, but I think that it will always be that way, so of right now I am content with how it turned out and glad that I have finally gone through some of are last boxes from moving.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The MOVE...

...Was horrible. We started packing and scrubing down every corner, wall, base boards you name 8 in the morning and didn't get done until 11 that night, what a long day. My parents came down to help so that we didn't have to make another trip down to Ephraim..{Warning! this story may hold content you dont want to hear} Well me jason have this little thing called are { sex drawer } You no what it contains. I cleaned this out first ON PURPOSE, I didn't want them to see anything. My mom and dad began cleaning up are room with the vaccumm and moving around the dresser drawers and next thing I hear is them laughing there heads off, oh great I already knew what they have discovered...condoms..well there wrappers. That means they were used which means we had been doing the deeds. Men need to learn to pick up there crap! I am just glad they didn't find the whole drawer. After getting everything packed we headed out and not even 5 miles after leaving I look ahead just in time to see my vanity in the back of my dads trailor tip over and what I think {Almost fly out} not really but it did tip over. I just kept thinking crap any second this vanity is going to be on the road and I am going to mow it over. I didn't.

So as of this moment we are staying at are in laws house. Its a little upsetting {well alot} because we were told it would be done wednesday so we could just move in, when that didn't happen it was supposed to be done this weekend, well thats not going to happen its suppose to be done next weekend {we cross our fingers} it just gets a little fraustrating when its suppose to be done and its not. I just want to be able to get in there and decorate and unpack already, it gets hard trying to find your cloths and having to dig everywhere just to find your shoes or your toothbrush for that matter. I'm ready to be moved in already.