Wednesday, August 4, 2010


and....I'm back. Wow I took a long break didn't I? It actually feels good to get back on here again but it seems I might actually have a little time now being that I finished school just 24 hours ago. I am excited to be done, nervous, but yet excited. I can now begin working doesn't that sound so fun?

Over the 4th we went on a little adventure down the green river, not a vacation, an adventure remember.....the little silver canoes carried us down the river for a day and a half which was actually supposed to take us 2 and half days but after that first night we paddled our butts off to get back. My dad looked like a camel jockey with his own shirt wrap, and my brother was the rice farmer..what more could you ask for. Mesquitos sucked! jason just followed me with spray when we got off shore and with in a minute my lips where numb..maybe we got a little to much. The tent was so hot and that just might be an understatement! jason stuck his head out and zipped it around him just so he could get some air. { no vents in our little cheap tent, no sir} I mean usually he is the one that has to hold us together when I starting panicking but I sure did this time...when I heard him say the words {I am going to kill myself if I dont get air NOW} I knew he had finally lost it and I needed to be there for him. I sure did comfort him. and we laughed. We then went to moab and we had a vacation...not an adventure.