Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Everything in one.

Instead of doing a bunch of posts I figured one would be just fine.

{I had alot more pictures but it took me over 2 hours just upload these}

I our anniversary was on the 15th of December, this year we were supposed to go to Disney land, we even had our plane tickets and all, but Jasons job ended up getting in the way which was a bummer so instead we ended up at Texas Roadhouse, special I know but we will be in Disney land sometime this year :) These 4 years have been crazy and wonderful. Me and Jason have had some pretty amazing times and I cannot wait for many more.

The 22nd was my honeys B-day. They dont seem so special after getting old and especially so close to Christmas...I tried to make it by making him his favorite cake which didn't turn out worth a darn, balloons all down the drive with a sign and some presents. Dinner followed at Ruby River.

For christmas we got a BBQ from my parents and a gun safe and temple picture from his parents. We got spoiled rotten. Jason got his rims and tires for his truck and some camo & I got my Ipad! I have read 2 books already! I love christmas, I love parties, I love my family and my husband..which always makes for great holidays.

Ornament game

A merry christmas from jax

The new year was rung in with friends up in SLC, not going to lie I lasted til about 12:30 and I hit the sack, guess I was a party pooper this year. I had full intentions of making it til at least two!! wonder what I will be like when I have kids?

The next day we always have breakfast and classic skate, breakfast was skipped but not the skating! I am so sore to say the least!