Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just a little craft

My mother has always been a creative little person..this I love about her {and many other things} She had these set on her fireplace with some greenery (sp?) but I myself dont have a fireplace so these cute things will be sat on my entertainment center {if you can even call it that} until I find a place for them. The Pictures are backwards but I think they turned out very cute!
What you need:
Wood, Modge Podge, Paint, Valentines Paper, Wire, and possibably glitter
1. Sand and paint your blocks and hearts
2. Trace heart in paper desired
3. Modge Podge wood then place paper down and modge podge on top of paper (use very little or bubbles)
4. Add glitter if you would like
5. Twist wire around end of paint brush or what ever to achieve shape
6. Stick hearts on wire with holes that I never told you to make:)
7. Tie ribbon and your done!
easy uh!?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Hell Of A Trip

When you say the words farmer, stock show, or road trip that just might be bad enough but put them all together and I would say thats "One hell of a trip".

Wednesday we left at 6:00 p.m. so we could make our time schedule of arriving in denver at 3:00 a.m. the following morning. Things didn't happen as planned...we didn't plan for the truck carrying the trailer with heifers to break down at one in the morning making us have to unload everything we loaded up in what I swear was -5...just so me and jason could carry the trailer out and then load up everything we had just taken out of our truck into Nathans truck. We didnt arrive until 6:30 a.m. and didnt get to the hotel until 2:00 p.m.! exaustion I tell you! The show was so exciting, we did awesome this year taking 3rd and 6th in our class out of 30 heifers. Jason was grinning from ear to ear, what a cheeser! We woke up the next morning just to find out the jasons truck had been broke into in the hotel parking lot. Nothing was taken thankfully but the door is pretty jacked up (sometimes it pops open by its self while driving down the free way!). We left this morning at 5 hoping to be home before dark..with the hopes that all the bad streaks had ended. 1 hour out of Denver Jason truck started making really loud noises..we are thinking its the turbo or the transmission! we get to unload the trailer off of jasons truck put it back of the other truck and load up what was in jasons truck ( you following me?) whew..that was alot well enough said about that. All is well until evanston..basically shit hits the fan when this other other kids truck named seth (keep in mind there where 4 trucks) brakes went out! everyone needs jason being the kind generous man he is offered to drive in front of him so that if he could not stop he could just run right in the back of us. great well at least I dont have to worry about bad weather like last year but I do have to worry about this dang truck behind us with no brakes rear ending us. We drove like this all the way from evanston til home. I am just happy we made it here..and now I am going to go enjoy my nice comfy bed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nothing to say..

I have nothing to say but "THE RABBIT IS DEAD!!!!" maybe your thinking I said that a little to excited..maybe your thinking that I should be grateful for the rabbit, it did make for some good also got 60 mpg, or maybe it was cute in its own little way just like that ugly duckling..or maybe it was just a pretty sweet car. But I can assure you that my excitement does have meaning..I mean it did smell like maple syrup pretty bad and it not only squeaked when you started it but also for the next couple blocks while leaving behind a big old trail of black smoke. I did love that I had to crawl through the back to open doors and that my feet couldn't reach the gas pedal so while driving I tried to stay forward which brought sharp back pain and may be that cause for my lack of feeling in my feet (sometimes ya know). But when I got that call on January 15th from my loving husband that while climbing that trencherous hill from payson to santaquin that the engine had blown up and he was now getting pushed down santaquin main by his dad I did all I could to comfort him but truth be told I was laughing like a hiena!

Here are a few last pictures and then we will forever retire our dear sweet rabbit..