Sunday, July 17, 2011

A New Chapter..

Things have changed around our household in the last couple weeks.

We are moving.



am I excited? lets use the word anxious. There are alot of decisions to make along with the fear of leaving my family, friends and my job.

But I am going with the determination to make this a very fun, exciting and new adventure for me and jason.

The fourth of july was spent at the stadium of fire watchin old brad and david, it was a great time and always makes me feel a little more patriotic.

also this week was the ute stampede, which we attended, no NFR but it will do:)

I hope all things go well this week with the move and that we can settle into this new chapter with ease!

Ute Stampede


Chloe, my niece

Stadium of fire.

Hope all is well.