Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Everything in one.

Instead of doing a bunch of posts I figured one would be just fine.

{I had alot more pictures but it took me over 2 hours just upload these}

I our anniversary was on the 15th of December, this year we were supposed to go to Disney land, we even had our plane tickets and all, but Jasons job ended up getting in the way which was a bummer so instead we ended up at Texas Roadhouse, special I know but we will be in Disney land sometime this year :) These 4 years have been crazy and wonderful. Me and Jason have had some pretty amazing times and I cannot wait for many more.

The 22nd was my honeys B-day. They dont seem so special after getting old and especially so close to Christmas...I tried to make it by making him his favorite cake which didn't turn out worth a darn, balloons all down the drive with a sign and some presents. Dinner followed at Ruby River.

For christmas we got a BBQ from my parents and a gun safe and temple picture from his parents. We got spoiled rotten. Jason got his rims and tires for his truck and some camo & I got my Ipad! I have read 2 books already! I love christmas, I love parties, I love my family and my husband..which always makes for great holidays.

Ornament game

A merry christmas from jax

The new year was rung in with friends up in SLC, not going to lie I lasted til about 12:30 and I hit the sack, guess I was a party pooper this year. I had full intentions of making it til at least two!! wonder what I will be like when I have kids?

The next day we always have breakfast and classic skate, breakfast was skipped but not the skating! I am so sore to say the least!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Weeks in a Nut Shell

In the last couple weeks we have managed to start the make over process on our house, Spend much needed time with family and friends, squeeze in a little thanksgiving and black friday shopping, and make our way down to our annual NFR. Wow.

When the Riverwoods did the lighting of the trees and such I was there! What a way to make you feel so festive. I went to Happy sumo with my friends for some girl time and also ended up there saturday night with my family. Its not very often my family gets all the adults together for a night out. Have you been to Provo Beach Resort down there? pretty entertaining, even for the adults.

Thanksgiving was spent at my parents house, which always begins with a little shooting for the boys. I think jason enjoyed himself. I know I did. We went shopping the next day but not to early. Jason went on a little spending spree to say the least but we did manage to get an awesome deal on our NEW t.v. I think he likes it a little to much.

We FINALLY started the demo on our house! Me and Jason said more then once in the last couple days that this is WAY more work then we had planned.....I think its crossed our minds a couple times the we are in for more then we can handle...but it will be so worth it in the end!

and last but not least we went to our annual NFR weekend down in Vegas! the rodeo was fabulous. The Cowboy and Country Christmas boutiques are always fun to walk through. Although on our way home we got backed into, all is great.

Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lifes Happenings

{I thought I would be a little better at this blogging thing due to the fact that I sit in my hotel in Elko and twiddle my thumbs, not so!}

I'm getting used to the fact that I live in a hotel, it seems that our house will never close! all I can say is hopefully this week!

When the leaves began to change me and jason took a sunday stroll with the dogs up the canyon to play. We had a blast letting them play in the water and with eachother. Its nice to go for a drive up the canyon especially the Utah Mountains!

My Friend Sara got married in September and before that we had a bachlorette party! Best.Night.Ever. It was a blast to hang out with friends and always nice to have a girls night!

My mother had her birthday in October. We just had sunday dinner at her house and my sister made a awesome cake! {what happened to me and talent with cooking, I have no clue} My mom is an angel. The sweetest, most selfless person I know. I love her to death!


I have no idea why I thought I needed a costume for jax, but he was so freaking cute! He hated it and could barely move. This year we dressed up the same as last year, I guess we didn't have the time to think of something new, oh well I always get a kick out of seeing jason in tight pants {shh, He has got a hot butt!}

We have got lots of fun things to look forward to. Hopefully we close on our house this week, fingers crossed. Thanksgiving, NFR, Disneyland, Our anniversary and Christmas.

Until then hope all is well with everyone!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sandhallow and what not

For a little get away we went down to sand hallow to bask in the sun and just relax


The condo was fantastic, the company was great and the boat was awesome.

wonder why we don't do this more often.

hopefully we get invited next year!

Elko has been elko...I should sound a little more enthusiastic being that it actually hasn't been that bad. We have put an offer in on a house and may find out this week if we got it. Lots of remodeling this house needs, my full time job for the next couple months. I guess we get to see pics and blogs of extreme makeover 2 ( remember 1 ?)

Life is going to be real busy the next couples months due to the fact that my husband loves cows, and what he loves I love (right?)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A New Chapter..

Things have changed around our household in the last couple weeks.

We are moving.



am I excited? lets use the word anxious. There are alot of decisions to make along with the fear of leaving my family, friends and my job.

But I am going with the determination to make this a very fun, exciting and new adventure for me and jason.

The fourth of july was spent at the stadium of fire watchin old brad and david, it was a great time and always makes me feel a little more patriotic.

also this week was the ute stampede, which we attended, no NFR but it will do:)

I hope all things go well this week with the move and that we can settle into this new chapter with ease!

Ute Stampede


Chloe, my niece

Stadium of fire.

Hope all is well.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Life and all its happiness

I should be finishing up the painting in my laundry room before my new washer and dryer get here but instead im eating the whole box of salt and vinegar chips (they get you every time) and blogging....oh well.

Easter was spent like any other day around the ahlins clan. Went down to the farm and worked for a few hours just to make sure everything was feed and clean. I did put together a basket full of candy, shirts, socks etc..but failed to take a pic. I think he enjoyed it. I ended up buying me a new washer and dryer which jason quickly declared was my Easter present (I think he just forgot to get me a basket) But I'll take it!

April 8th my brother-in-law got married, it was a beautiful wedding but such a windy day! I love my in-laws and I am lucky to get a long and love my sister-in-laws as well!

The Wind!

Before the wedding we went and got pedicures, which is always a nice treat

All of us girls at the shower!

My little sister Elisa is having a baby in less than 2 weeks, I am so excited about this! Me and Elisa have always been so close! She is going to be an awesome mother! My Sis-in-law is also due in less than 2 almost makes me baby hungary. Just Almost!

Lots of things going on around here, Jason is starting up a new business which always brings on new stress..but I think it will be for the best. He is still trying to finish school as well. I try to help as much as possible but only so much of the load I can take off. I know things will be great, and they already are! We may be moving if things work out, but that is still a HUGE maybe...

Hope all is well.