Saturday, October 2, 2010

Luck around the ahlins..

Jason has had some very good luck in a very bad way lately {if that can even be put in the same sentence} Now I don't know if I ever told you about the Neon we bought from my parents after the poor rabbit died..if not then this car happened to be my high school car, awesome I know! Its the car that got Jason all the way up to work in salt lake for the past 8 months..until the day he got rear ended that is. Although we would never wish this..we secretly did after we got more money then we paid for it, sweet! Now we also have this truck, his truck, I would say it was our nicest vehicle actually I know it was, until one day when Jason was driving and a deer hit it, smashed in the passenger side..Now lets see if we can pull out the same magic and get out of it more then we put in it. Some how Jason's luck just got worse when he opened the truck door and our bedroom TV fell out and busted! I love him. If we could only get his hands on the Jetta we would be golden!

Its hunting season as we all know...and I sure have noticed. Jason went down with his brothers and dad while us girls went to Swiss days and parkcity..{Boys we had lots of fun spending your money on our cloths that's all I have to say} and also that it was a blast...but I did love every second of getting to hug him and tease him about his beard when he did come home!