Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged 2 times..

Thank you Jerrica and Aubrey!

#1 Where did you meet your husband?

I actually went with his little brother to a party and he was there. He shook my hand and introduced himself, all I remember thinking is wow he is good looking.

#2 How long did you date before you were married?

About 6 months.

#3 How long have you been married?

It will be 11 months on the 15th.

#4 What does he do that suprises you?

He will buy flowers for me just because, he also suprised me with a kitty he blind folded me
and had a cute little bow on it. Some of the stuff I just cant mention!

#5 What is your favorite feature of his?

Oh his butt is so so cute...no lie it is so plump and round!

#6 What is your favorite quality?
Its hard just to say one because I married him for everything that he is. I love that he has goals in life and that he works hard to achieve them. I love that he is so optimistic no matter the situation and that he helps me see the good. I love that he is such a peoples person and can talk to anyone and everyone. I love that he is always thinking of something new that he can be accomplished in. I love that he tells me he loves me every single day and that he doesn't know what he would do if he ever lost me. Oh I love that man!

#7 Does he have any nicknames for you?

Rubber ducky..honestly I dont know why..but he will call me babe most the time.

#8 What is his favorite food?
He likes anything meat and I would have to say bratworst(spelling? but there the good kind of hot dogs like men hot dogs). He will eat anything though and that is good for me because I cant cook.

#9 What is his favorite sport?

Mmm..to watch would be College Football and to play I would think baseball.

#10 When and where did you first kiss?
Well he kissed me on the 2nd date a little soon I know but we were watching a movie at my apartment and I really didn't know it was comin' he just laid one on me..but who could resist;)

#11 What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?

Honestly I love falling asleep and waking up with him..but I do love drives with him while just talking and I love watching movies with him..oh and I also love vactions. Oh and I do just love anytime with him (am I cheesy?)

#12 Do you have any kids?

No not for awhile

#13 Does he have any hidden talents?

He can shake "it" better then any black woman or white for that matter...

#14 How old is he?


#15 Who said "I love you" first?

He did. I had just came home from Lake Powell and dropped by to say goodnight and he told me that he thought he was falling in love with me..if that counts?

#16 Whats his favorite music?

Probably 80's rock or country.

#17 What do you admire most about him?

His love for me and that he wants the best for us. That he went on a mission, I love hearing his stories. He is so ambitious and I love that, I love that he is always going and getting things done.

#18 What is his favorite past time?
He has lots but mainly his Steers..he loves working with them and he loves competing. I swear he is always looking for something bigger and better, as you might say, for his steers. They have to be perfectly done. He also loves hunting.

#19 Will he read this?

mm.. ya

#20 Who do you tag?

Jaclyn, Savannah..whoever else also*

Monday, October 27, 2008

A week full of events..

I did so much this weekend I honestly dont even know where to begin...okay maybe I do lets just start with introducing you to "the Rabbit" long story short this car probably is the car you dread getting into and make fun of when you see coming down the road, no lie its that bad. Jason got it for free so being free he thought it was a GREAT idea, wrong..its cost us over 2,000 dollars to fix dag nabbit is all I have to say. Lets just list the pro's and con's of this sucker..Pro's: Gets great gas mileage (70 to the gallon we estimate) Con's: The passenger door only opens from the inside, no AC, no radio, leaks, no shocks ( can you imagine that), needs alot more work, wont start if under lets say 40 degrees, lights on the inside dont work, ugly brown and gold color, 1981 volkswagon rabbit ( never a good idea if your car is older then you). So Jason asks me to go huntin' with him and of course we have to take the rabbit because what good is it if we dont get all the use out of this thing and the great gas mileage?! Of course me being the anxiety freak that I am, I start to worry as soon as he says the word rabbit. How are we going to make it up there in that, I ask myself, But we do hitting every rock in the dirt road..even the pebbles.

Well this short story is turning into a long story. opps.

We get up there and I have promised Jason that if we see a deer I will shoot it..we see a deer..I dont shoot. The 2 block hike was actually a mile hike I would guess..honestly I was dieing Jason said I had leaves every where from falling and complaining the whole trip but pshh whateva.. we started back to the car and the radiator fluid was leaking. My panic immediately set in, questions like (what if we blow up, or get ate by a mountain lion, or get lost in the dark and a bear eats us?)

I'm starting to think this is my ANXIETY BLOG..from now on.

We have to stop every 30 ft to check the fluid so we dont over heat..on the way we pick up these lovely hunters who had shot a deer but didn't want to hike back to there truck..example of these lovely hunters..we F&#@ saw a deer and F%$# shot the deers and F*&^ dont want to hike..but they were lovely and fun. They even offered us beer oh how nice of them. We make it to there truck and we make it down the canyon only to start over heating as soon as we hit Nephi canyon oh but dont worry its all okay because the lovely hunters found us and they saved us after we saved them. We made it home safe and sound that night. I was tramatized.

That was thursday night. Friday I went with my mom and watched Elisa Dance and went to Goodwood for a Girls Night Out. Saturday I went to a shower and had the Sheffield family Halloween party. Sunday Jason shot his deer..I was so proud of him and he was so happy! A week full of events I tell you.
Broken down


Jasons Deer! 3 point 26 in' wide and tall. (Dont mind me, yeah totally sunday=Pj's)

Me doing the Limbo at the Halloween party

My mom dressed as Sarah Palin and my niece

Jason as a boy scout who knocked up the hillbilly

Elisa (my sister), Alex and Cloey at the Half Time Show

Friday, October 17, 2008

Were Baacckkk...

Well maybe I am just being over dramtic about the whole driving experience to Montana but for my sake I will say one more time....I was seriously like freaking out!!

We went up to Billings, Montana this week for the NILE show. Its a pro rodeo and livestock show that is held there every year. This year was the first year that we were able to go up there and they took Grand Champion Heifer (yeah us!) and 10th overall with the Steer out of 70 steers. Seriously this may all seem weird but my life is filled with steers and cows thats what my life consist of just to let you know...yeah weird. But we had alot of fun up there and I love spending all that time with my husband:)

Bored+hotel=old stud

Imagine driving in that..okay it really was alot worse is person I swear!

The branches started falling off into the road

Grooming the Steer

Sitting by billy bob and hanny baby..suggestion: not a good thing to name
him, soon to be in the slaughter house poor thing!

oh hanny baby....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tag....Crazy 8

Two posts in one day..mm its a miracle and I also wonder why..because I am sitting here in the hotel room waiting for my father-in-law and my mother-in-law to wake up come guys its 9:00 wake up already! and my New Moon book is in the truck which is in the cold..sad for me.

8 Favorite Tv Shows ( in no order)
*Las Vegas
*Road Rules/Real World Challenge
*Jon and Kate plus 8 :)
*Flip that house

8 Favorite Resturants
*Cold Stone..I know not a resturant
*Tsing Tao
*Olive Garden
*Red Robin
*Ruby River
*PF Changs

8 things I did yesterday
*Almost die..see previous post
*Almost slide off the road..also see previous post
*Road in a truck all day..you know the drill.
*Packed my things up
*Went out to eat
*Played in the SNOW!
*Read my New Moon book
*Took medicine for my darn eyes..and that will be a post in the future.

8 things I love about the fall
*Long sleeve shirts..if your white you understand completely
*Hot Chocolate!!
*Carving pumpkins
*The leaves changing
*Sitting by the heater
*Family get togethers
*The smell
*The decorations and lights..

8 things I look forward to
*Jason getting done with school
*Moving back up north
*Getting home safely
*Babies..in the near future
*Buying a house
*Vacations..(Las vegas, Oregon Coast)
*Our 1st anniversary

8 things On my wish list
*Get home safe
*Stay on a healthy eating plan ( impossible at my work)
*To look good in a swimming suit when I go to Oregon..
*That is wont snow hard this year
*A new Couch
*A new Dining table
*My eyes wont hurt anymore
*They do good out here at the show

mm..I tag..EVERYONE

Montana=death trap

Seriously you should have seen the roads we had to drive on to get there. We left at 10:00 yesterday and didn't get here until 12:00 last night, what was supposed to be a 9 hour drive turned into a 14 hour drive of sure stress and probably alzers, I was freaking out seriously like I cant even explain to you. There were white outs a couple of times and we had to pull off to the sides and put flashers on and if you know how I am I cant handle this kind of stress it would have been nice if I could have slept but I dont know what it is I guess I feel a little more safe if I can keep my eyes glued on the road. After we passed through Livingston I guess there was a huge wreck behind us, a truck and trailer jack knifed and a 10 car pile up happened after that, and they closed the roads going both ways because it was to dangerous,all I can say is whew!! glad we made it through....more to come when we get back from Montana..