Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slowly But Surely

I realize that I haven't posted for awhile but this house has sure took up a lot of any spare time, so it looks like that's what I might be writing about for the next coming weeks. Sorry.
We finally got rid of the ugly poo carpet in the house..which I am excited about, there is just something refreshing about the smell of new carpet and paint {not that we are to that point yet in the project but it will be exciting} I have learned alot of new things, take for instance I can now perfatape and mud a house, not that it will probably ever help me out in life again but it does make you feel accomplished. We have one more day of sanding and then we just have to wait for the new windows, molding, paint, carpet, and a few odds and ends.

So this house is nothing fancy, its not big, its not new, but I am very excited to have our own little place. So with that being said this it whats being done to the outside: New shutters on the outside windows, New blinds, New doors and Landscaping {imagine my finger pointing underneath the window because I want 3 bushes right under it} flowers to. A bench would look cute on the porch also and anything else I might decide to add.

The rabbit is slowly dying..I think...and hope...maybe. When we got the car, the passenger side door would only open from the inside, therefore I always had to wait for jason to open my his door wont open, only from the inside, great! Its not like we dont get enough glares or looks in this ugly car but now instead of opening a car like a normal human being you get to shove some one in the hatch of the car, which would be me, in between two HUGE semen tanks {not what you are thinking} that make the shocks that you dont have on the car rub every time you hit a pebble which makes you squeek every where you go and your struggling to even fit in between these, now see if you get has many stares from people! oh and the heater smells like maple syrup when you turn it on, maple syrup!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Desperate times call for Desperate measures..

Jason just decided that since times are tough around here that we are going to donate plasma twice a week..we will be rolling in the big dough.. I let him know that I refuse to donate, I am scared of needles {does that suprise you?} Not that I would not like to donate, but you get my drift. So Jason just decided that {HE} will be donating plasma twice a week not me. Thanks for supporting our family your the best!

Tonight he gave himself a hair cut {because you know times are tough} he asked me to trim up around his ears and the back of his the time I was done with his ears he was bugged by how slow I was making this hair cutting I got upset because I was doing my best and was just trying to make it look better..I walked away like I always do and then he begged me to come back and trim up the back but I refused..and why wouldn't I. Next thing I hear is him with the clippers trying to cut the back of his hair! WOW! dont ever do that one again jason ha! I was mad at first but now I think its hilarious!