Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally a post..

Maybe an update would be fun eh?...

Wow, crazy..where do I even start. I am getting horrible at updating. Lets just say we are doing wonderful, life is crazy with the constant schedule we have but all is good. We spent thanksgiving at my parents house this year which brought our traditional clay pigeon shoot off. Dinner was great just like every year. Dec 3rd we went down to the NFR for my second year in a row. Saturday we watched the Rodeo and Sunday we shopped all day (for jason) and went to the Shark Reef Aquarium that night. Dec 15th was our 2 Year anniversary its crazy to think that it has gone by so fast and to think that I am in love with him more then ever is the best feeling I could feel in the world. I am glad when I have those days that remind me of why I fell in love with him all over again and the things I had to go through that led me to him. I look forward to what this next year has to bring to us.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wrestlin that pig and swiss days

Last week jason was out of town for his annual trip to Iowa...long week I tell ya but I filled it with alot of fun and exciting things. First things first me, sharleen (mother-in-law) and her friend packed up and headed for swiss days. We went down the Slide and Zip line in parkcity and it was a blast! Sharleen nailed me on the slide with her fast and crazy moves. The wind picked up when we started going down the Zipline so that was fun. We then headed for the booths down at swiss days..I just love midway. On labor day it started with the payson parade (glad thats over) I was in it for hair school, I just threw candy at the kids (and the parents heads) Watch out! I am an awesome aim I tell what! and then for the Pig Wrestling ahh!! can I just tell you that pigs are disgusting the poop stunk and was mushy and I went in with BARE feet! some how I got roped in to doing it with my school so the four of us struted ourselves out there to catch us that good luck but it was fun. After we got out a girl got the poo all over my face, wow I was about to puke all over..seriously was dry heaving but after getting sprayed off by the fire truck all was good.
covering his wee wee
My mother-in-law modeling :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Slippin and a Slidin' & Fishing (again)

Last year was the first year we had our huge family Slippin' Slide but I wasn't able to go, so I made sure this year I would be able to and it was a blast! I have like more then 80 people in my family and I think that maybe all but 10 didn't make it. It was hilarious but scary to watch the little kids go down, they could never get out of the way in time so the adults would nail them on there way down and it was no soft hit, they were hard! but no one got seriously hurt just a few tears now and then.

My Nephews

The following day we left for our trip to Fishlake...I will just tell you I suck at packing, this is my first time not having my mom to pack for me so I was a little nervous..I had a reason to be nervous after I got there, realizing I forgot everything from flashlights to my husbands pj's. (poor thing had to were my tight pj's and cheer sweater, just dont look lower then the waist ha!) I forgot the chicken that I was supposed to bring for the whole family, my mom had to cover me for that...and I cant even begin to think of everything else I forgot. The first night it was just me and Jason all alone, I didn't even end up falling asleep until 4 in the morning because of my fear of bears and whatever else out there that was ready to pounce on me! Jason did a great job of comforting me though. The next morning we got up at 6 to go fishing in our little aluminum boat we rented, I caught the only trout fish of the whole trip. That same day the rest of our family showed up and we went on a huge four wheeler ride, talk about DUSTY! I looked like a racoon after I took my sunglasses off, but it was a very fun ride..we went to the creek after words to wash off and it was freezing! I just had to laugh because Jason was screaming like a girl...I got in and I couldn't tell if the shampoo was out of my hair because my hands were so numb! On saturday we rented a pontoon boat for the day and didn't catch a thing..only stupid little perchs I swear we had to of catched around 15 or 20 of those suckers..not a trout in site. It was funny because that night all the little kids got in the shower in my sisters trailer and so shane ( my nephew) had seen all the little naked bodies so when I got in he was laying on his bed and his mom asked what he was thinking about and he said "oh just wondering what megan looks like naked" ahh!! ha ha I just had to laugh. We had a very fun trip and I am glad all my family decided to come up.

My fish (and fro)

My sisters family

Mom and Dad

Washing off in the creek

Blake trying to wash his hair (he stripped after this!)

Jina modeling are sexy life jackets

Chubby cheeks!

Grandma and Shane

Captain and Co-Captain

Another chubby cheek

Stupid Perch

wow..he is in my pj's

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fishing with a Fro.....and the birthday

Last Friday we went up to Strawberry where my sisters family was camping just to eat some dinner and go fishing for a while..we didn't end up pulling out the fishin pulls but we still had a lot of fun watching the kids swim, and the dogs..what a hoot! they were so fun to watch them fetch the stick out of the water. Now let me explain my hair..I have curly hair, really really curly hair...that same day was the spanish fork parade which I was a model in, for my hair school so having the hair I do we had to make that thing into a fro..I didn't have time to wash it so I guess I thought I could just comb it down, that didn't work one bit so I just left the fro and went fishing, horrible I know but what can I say.

Please dont laugh (this is really embarrassing, like a black mail pic)

The 19th was my birthday so we set off that day to my sisters house for a BBQ. My little neices birthday was only a couple days before so we celebrated together. The day before we actually went out to GoodWood for some grub and to the new Harry Potter movie, I dont know if it was just me but the movie seemed pretty dang long...anyways we did have a lot of fun and I am glad to say the I am now 20 years longer a teenager, I cant say how happy I am to be out of my teenage years I just got a little tired of telling people how old (or young I was) and then to tell them I was married just blew there minds.

how cute?! Jasons tickling her belly

Sunday, July 5, 2009

About time..

..I update, a little sorry about that but can I just say life has been more then hectic! between school, working, and not even having a Internet to begin with its been a little hard to get around to updating or even look at blogs for that matter. I used to be able to blog all the time and stare at them {not even kidding, probably 5 hours a day, and don't tell me you have never done that} I do feel a little guilty for that ..but not working at the credit union makes it a little hard.

I attempt to take pictures everywhere I go but it doesn't happen, so no pictures.

I started hair school in June and I am loving it {so far} I was a little nervous to start but I am happy with the decision..and to be truthful I think it was because I didn't want to be like every other girl around here that goes to beauty school. I love the esthetics part of it all, I would really like to become a master esthetician one of these days. I have also been working after school which gets hard..I have no time to clean, cook, or do laundry at all so my poor husband pretty much doesn't have a wife lately. Jason also started school in June and is also working {and tries to fit cows in between that} not that I want you all to pity us...but I'm telling you life as been hectic. I have to come up to my in-laws to even have the Internet, because I guess that is what you get when you have an old house {the phone jacks don't work} so as it looks as if right now we are paying for Internet we don't have...speaking of that I should probably cancel it. I am sorry for such a boring update and if you have made it this far well...good job.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Peanuts Graduation

Yesterday my little sister graduated from High School..I cant believe how old both of us are getting. Growing up me and her were literally glued to the hip, we had such big imaginations and did everything we could do together..making up so many new games and having so many laughs. It seemed that once we got to highschool {maybe I became a brat} but we grew apart. I regret those years I spent, spending more time with my friends then my sister. The last couple months I actually feel like our selfs again, and its nice. I love spending time with her, she is such a happy person all the time and so bubbly, although she may be a ditz sometimes I love it and I love to laugh with her. Good Luck Elisa with college!

All The boys

All The Girls

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And its done..Almost

I am sure most of you have already predicted that this will either be about the cows or the house..since that is pretty much what my life has been consumed of. It is a post about the {HOUSE} but hopefully it will be one of the lasts, I am sure your sick of it and so am I.



{After+ a little decorating}


Of course there are alot more things I would like to do, but I think that it will always be that way, so of right now I am content with how it turned out and glad that I have finally gone through some of are last boxes from moving.