Sunday, April 26, 2009

The First Of Many

Many months ago my mom informed me of the 5K run she was in charge off. I agreed to run {I figured it would give me the motive to get out there and really work out and build my way up to that 3 mile mark}. I didn't get around to training, lets just say that. I have never in my life ran 3 miles {I know, I know}. My mom was counting on me and also my sister-in-law. I figured I would just tell them I was going and then not really do it because I hadn't been running at all. Well you can see I never said no...and I am glad I didn't. We ran it in around 33 mins and it felt so good to actually make it in that time and to the finish. Although my hips, knees and ankles are more sore then I think I have ever felt, I am going to keep up this running and hopefully next time I can do it in 30 mins.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The life of a farmer...

...or the farmers wife. or the story of OUR lifes as farmers.

Jason has recently just picked up another hobby. {artificial insemination} We set out early saturday morning to A.I. the cows. Jason got a little fraustrated with the first couple trys..he broke the metal insert thingy in half {anger issues..maybe?} but from there on out he did wonderful.

Herding the cows {thats the scary part}

Getting all suited up to..enter

Almost ready......sorry for the graphic picture but thats what he does {goes inside and oh my is it nasty in real life}

What a stud muffin

The whole crew

Jason thought this was funny {I am really sorry again for the graphic pics}

Bodys covered in poo, sunburnt faces and necks, tired and hungary, bruised knees.. but it was such a wonderful day. I love being a farmer. Today that is.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dying eggs

Tonight me and Jason finally sat down and dyed some only took us 4 days after actually boiling the things. {How long do eggs last boiled?}

Jason was funny to watch..he called it his own concoction but really it was just a mess of all sorts of colors...some came out looking like poo brown and green. He kept saying "Look at mine its going to be the prettiest." and then he would pull it out, give them the look like {what the heck did I just create} and then having hopes that the next one to come out might just be that pretty one. I did one with the white crayon and drew swirls on it, he thought that was neat and decided he would surprise me with an egg that read Jason + Megan ..well he cant write his own wife's name ha ha it said Jason + Megen...he better learn real soon that you cant be making mistakes like that this far into a marriage! He didn't even think he spelt it wrong!

Dont mind the messy hair we were in our pj's

Some of our eggs