Friday, September 11, 2009

Wrestlin that pig and swiss days

Last week jason was out of town for his annual trip to Iowa...long week I tell ya but I filled it with alot of fun and exciting things. First things first me, sharleen (mother-in-law) and her friend packed up and headed for swiss days. We went down the Slide and Zip line in parkcity and it was a blast! Sharleen nailed me on the slide with her fast and crazy moves. The wind picked up when we started going down the Zipline so that was fun. We then headed for the booths down at swiss days..I just love midway. On labor day it started with the payson parade (glad thats over) I was in it for hair school, I just threw candy at the kids (and the parents heads) Watch out! I am an awesome aim I tell what! and then for the Pig Wrestling ahh!! can I just tell you that pigs are disgusting the poop stunk and was mushy and I went in with BARE feet! some how I got roped in to doing it with my school so the four of us struted ourselves out there to catch us that good luck but it was fun. After we got out a girl got the poo all over my face, wow I was about to puke all over..seriously was dry heaving but after getting sprayed off by the fire truck all was good.
covering his wee wee
My mother-in-law modeling :)