Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love Story Part Two.

This is how are first date went:

He showed up in a black polo shirt, dark jeans and doc martins. I had my shorts on (trying to show a little leg you know) I thought he might like that, and he did. I curled my hair with such precision, I’m not sure if it could have been more precise. We were going to the movies (ocean 12 or 13, cant remember) I remember placing my hand in just the right position so he could hold it, but he never did. I was a little bummed out about that and I keep questioning weather he was really digging me or not. We ended up getting an ice cream from McDonalds and just talking.

Talking to him was as easy as breathing and within minutes we were laughing. The Date was fun, I have never felt so at ease. When the night came to an end it was obvious that neither of us wanted it to be over. "What are you doing the rest of the weekend?" he asked. It was a Thursday and whatever lame plans I had with friends just melted away...."nothing" was my reply. Looking back I should have played harder to get.

He was going up to Kamas to drop off a load of panels he had built, I gladly tagged along. We talked about what we wanted in life, where we wanted to be, the goals we wanted to accomplish, how many kids we each that point I realized something, that I really like this man! I called both my parents while he was out of the truck to tell them how much I really liked dad told me "take it slow Megan" but I couldn’t deny it.

The things I knew by the end of our third date:

He was the most real man I had ever met. No pretenses, he never wears a mask and says and does exactly what he thinks and is. This makes things very interesting.

He is happy to the core and laughs at everything.

I felt like I had known him my whole existence and being together was just a reuniting not a meeting.

I never wanted to be away from him.......ever.

I knew I would marry him.

We never spent a day apart after that third date. 4 weeks later we were engaged and about 5 months later we were married.

When I look back, the day I met my husband was the beginning of a fresh new outlook that created major change in me. Our first year was not easy we have had are arguments and disagreements but I can honestly say that I love this man more each day. We have built a deeply happy life together.
I adore this man!!..............

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Want To Hear A Love Story?

2007..right after he asked me to marry him
So while I am young and still remember I want to right down our love story and the day that we got married. Im sure it won’t be as interesting to you as it is to me but here it is.

I was only 17 years old, or young you could say. I was at a very difficult point in my life. I had just broken up with a long time boyfriend. A very hard decision I had to make and at this point I was wondering if I had made the right one. I was about to graduate high school and move out with my best friend. Still I felt very lonely. Getting married was very important to me, I felt like it was going to be the most important decision in my life.

I had a vision in my head of him. He was going to be tall, dark hair, very distinguished and lawyerly (whatever that means). He would be thoughtful, ambitious and most of all he would make the gospel the center of his life. He would be good to the core and a great husband and father.

I wasn't the most beautiful girl, just ok cute. So I obviously wasn't on the radar of those with style, money, and class. But I felt I had lots inside that would make me a good mother, wife and partner.

We had happened to go to a get together were Jason was at. He had introduced himself to us (I laughed because he introduced himself as a gentleman, shaking my hand, and still laugh about it) as we walked out the door, I began telling Jessica (remember she is my friend) that I thought he was really cute. I already had a little crush on him. Time went by, I had moved up to Orem and was having a blast staying up all night and meeting new people. I was no where near wanting to get married at this point. I had got Jason’s number from Jessica; actually I just stole his number out of her phone but still the same concept. I had text him a couple of times only getting the response of “Who is this” both times..oh the awkwardness. So I let the fact of ever going out with him subside.

Then, like a ray of sunshine and bolt of lightning all rolled up into one, he happened in my life..........

I had got a text from Jason it Jr.High but I was bouncing off the wall with excitement. We were to go on a date the very next day………to be continued.

Monday, January 26, 2009

One More Adventure...

…with Jason. You know I would say I have learned countless things in this marriage but I am still amazed when he does something like this. I just have to sit back and laugh, that’s what I do, if not there are things said that aren’t meant. So I did just that, sat back and laughed and took a few pictures while my husband cursed and got more upset with the situation and trying to dig out the truck. Although, we were only stuck for about 20 minutes you know that in just that amount of time things can get pretty frustrating, and they did.

As I take this picture Jason clearly demands that this picture is not going on my “STUPID BLOG” So apparently my blog has become a STUPID BLOG well excuse me! I had one of those fits , you know the ones you have when your 13 and you run away from home because nobody loves you, except for this time I ran away from my husband because my blog is stupid, ya those kind of fits. I walked down the road and mumbled under my breath a few choice things and then was fine, I jumped back in that truck and Jason began apologizing..and this is how the Denver trip began.

We had a pleasant ride out there after this. We didn't get to Denver until 2:30 in the morning
and into are hotel until 5:30 after we unloaded everything. We didn't get any sleep all night and had to go all day with out sleep...which makes for a very long and tiring day. The calfs out there are amazing..better then I have ever seen. We ended up doing pretty good, taking 8th in our class out of 25 heifers, which is good at a major show like this.

Snow and Stocks shows do not mix, especially when you have me on the road trying to get home. Like are last trip that we took to Montana we got snow again for the ride home, oh joy, can I just tell you. 16 hours later we arrive in Ephraim...I did better this time with controlling my fear of sliding off, I only ended up yelling at Jason about 4 times, good wouldn't you say? There were so many wrecks along the way, glad we made home with all the constant prayers I was saying I dont know how we wouldn't make it home.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I have had couple of break downs in the last couple months..literally I am in tears. My husband just calms me down and then everything is back to normal. If you dont know my family they are so crafty and I feel like for some reason I just did not get that gene...I have a couple of reasonings for this though first being that I live so far away that I cant make things with them and second being that I will just wait until we get a house because I just have a hard time having fun decorating my apartment. Well today I feel a little accomplished, I made this!! if you dont know what it is, its a jewelery holder! you put your earrings on the lace and flower if you want. I still need to put the necklace holders on but I was still pretty proud. I have a couple of things in store for this summer to build just thought I would get ahead start.
*I have to give credit to my husband because he did him

Friday, January 2, 2009

And so here it is...2009

I love all there smiles in this

Getting the clay pigeon thrower ready

what else but ROCK BAND...

2009 already?! I can not believe it, it seems like yesterday that I was the little 11 year old girl in the 6th grade barely learning to put makeup on ( not very good I might add) trying to cover all those freckles I hated so bad..and wanting to be so popular, sitting in my parents house hanging out with them when it turned the year 2000..a year every one was so scared here we are 2009.... the last year with a '0' in the ending. A New Year is upon us and last year seems to have flown past even faster than the last- but doesn't it always seem that way. Time for resolutions to better ourselves. My resolutions... running a race, going to the temple often, and making better dinners. Jasons wants to do a tri-athalon this year(not mine thank goodness). New Year traditions always consist of the famous ball drop in Times Square, fireworks, a kiss at midnight, and predictions for the year ahead. I include those in my traditions but also the breakfast at my grandmas and grandpas, and clay pigeon shooting for hours. I say bring on the NEW YEAR!