Monday, August 3, 2009

Slippin and a Slidin' & Fishing (again)

Last year was the first year we had our huge family Slippin' Slide but I wasn't able to go, so I made sure this year I would be able to and it was a blast! I have like more then 80 people in my family and I think that maybe all but 10 didn't make it. It was hilarious but scary to watch the little kids go down, they could never get out of the way in time so the adults would nail them on there way down and it was no soft hit, they were hard! but no one got seriously hurt just a few tears now and then.

My Nephews

The following day we left for our trip to Fishlake...I will just tell you I suck at packing, this is my first time not having my mom to pack for me so I was a little nervous..I had a reason to be nervous after I got there, realizing I forgot everything from flashlights to my husbands pj's. (poor thing had to were my tight pj's and cheer sweater, just dont look lower then the waist ha!) I forgot the chicken that I was supposed to bring for the whole family, my mom had to cover me for that...and I cant even begin to think of everything else I forgot. The first night it was just me and Jason all alone, I didn't even end up falling asleep until 4 in the morning because of my fear of bears and whatever else out there that was ready to pounce on me! Jason did a great job of comforting me though. The next morning we got up at 6 to go fishing in our little aluminum boat we rented, I caught the only trout fish of the whole trip. That same day the rest of our family showed up and we went on a huge four wheeler ride, talk about DUSTY! I looked like a racoon after I took my sunglasses off, but it was a very fun ride..we went to the creek after words to wash off and it was freezing! I just had to laugh because Jason was screaming like a girl...I got in and I couldn't tell if the shampoo was out of my hair because my hands were so numb! On saturday we rented a pontoon boat for the day and didn't catch a thing..only stupid little perchs I swear we had to of catched around 15 or 20 of those suckers..not a trout in site. It was funny because that night all the little kids got in the shower in my sisters trailer and so shane ( my nephew) had seen all the little naked bodies so when I got in he was laying on his bed and his mom asked what he was thinking about and he said "oh just wondering what megan looks like naked" ahh!! ha ha I just had to laugh. We had a very fun trip and I am glad all my family decided to come up.

My fish (and fro)

My sisters family

Mom and Dad

Washing off in the creek

Blake trying to wash his hair (he stripped after this!)

Jina modeling are sexy life jackets

Chubby cheeks!

Grandma and Shane

Captain and Co-Captain

Another chubby cheek

Stupid Perch

wow..he is in my pj's