Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally a Update

My Goodness its been forever, I dreaded getting on my blog a little bit because everytime I did, it was a picture of I need to update!

Here it goes..I need to try and remember everything from January to now..thats a task in its self!

Beginning of January we spent a whole 2 weeks in Denver this year and it was long, not to mention that my back went out and we both got very bad colds..made for a very long 2 weeks. This is one of Jasons favorite time of year, not only is it calving season but also his annual trip to Denver. I guess you could say he is in cow heaven. Weird I know. I thought when we got back we would almost be ready to move in our house and that didn't happen.

After Jax passed away we bought us another little corgi, this time a little girl. We got her last week and its crazy to have another puppy, I forget how bad it sucks to potty train..LAME. But she is a little cutie and I guess that makes up for it. We also just got back from NASCAR in vegas last weekend with our lovely friends Aubrey and Joe..Luckily they like us just a little bit and where able to come with us! It is always a blast, if you have never been its something you should consider going to! just sayin. And I thought we would be able to move in our house when we got back but that didn't happen.

Now I am sitting here wondering when we will be able to move in, I forget how impatient I am..Maybe Next Weekend!
Have I told you how much I love Instagram?

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