Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Holy Moly

Well...Wow! I have alot of catching up to do. Like always.

P.S. 2 hours later after starting this post and no pictures. Thats what Instagram and Facebook are for right?

Where should we start?!


In april we went everywhere from Nevada to Iowa, so many states, alot of driving and lots of sing our lungs out in the car. We sell semen for cattle if I have not already mentioned this so March through June is always a very busy time for us, but we have fun, and we like driving lots and lots of hours together (except for the occasional bickering)

We also found out the Jasons youngest brother will be welcoming a little girl into the world in Novemeber! Now we for sure get asked all the time when we will be having a child, being that both his brothers will now have kids and we have been married almost 5 years!

We moved into our house! ahhh best feeling ever, I was getting a little tired of this hotel living style. It has made Elko a little more bareable now that we have our own house. We have spent countless hours remodeling this house and are still in the process..so good to see results at the end but I get a little cranky having to go outside every night and put fence up with jason in the back yard. It will be worth it..it will be worth it...it will be worth (lets just put that on repeat)


Spent time up at the cabin lot and also had a shower for my seester-in-law. oh and my dad turned another year older. Lots of family time I tell you.

June was boring


BABY COOPER IS HERE July 1st. Can I just tell you I love my family, my in-laws and each one of my nephews and nieces. I also turned a year older..23 nothing to big ya know. A friend trip to the famous Lake Powell, I will just describe that in one word...AWESOME, top 4 in my book of trips for sure. Took a family trip up the mountains. p.s. I hate camping, I cant get that thought out of my head that a bear is going to eat me. I have issues.


My sister and Quintin came out to elko to visit..so fun, I love having family over, and I love showing her all the progress we have made on the house, and who could resist quintin? no one! he is so cute and funny.


DISNEYLAND! and we also took a trip to Jason mission in Lakearrowhead and then stopped in San Diego and LA. Me and Jason have never taken a trip really where we didn't know what we where going to do each day and where we would be the next night. I suggest everyone do that. Very good memories we made.

My Grandpa Carter passed away Sept 3,2012. He had not been doing well for awhile but I honestly thought we would have him around for Christmas (which was his favorite and which is also my most memories of him) I have never lost a grandparent, this is the first. I think the hardest thing for me was and is seeing my Dad and Grandma go through this. My dad loved him so much and was with his constantly. The funeral was amazing, the spirit there was so strong and everyones talks were so good. I enjoyed hearing the funny stories about him and also how much my grandpa loved my grandma, each one of his kids and grandkids. I found this letter the other day that my grandpa had wrote me one morning when he could not sleep, I will just tell you he is amazing man, and the words he wrote back then are still words that I needed to hear right now. So touching and I love him.

Well I am caught up!

See ya in march...no jk I will try my hardest!


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Glad to hear from ya! Sounds like some fun times, sorry about your grandpa. but glad to know he left behind a great legacy and memories! Also, we get asked all the time when we are going to be having kids...people can't help it lol!

Bits & Pieces said...

koWhen are you having a kid lol totally joking! I was so sad to hear about your grandpa, I remeber him a little from when you lived with them. He was a really nice man. Sounds like life is good that is great to hear. And I want to see some pic's of your house (: but I know how the blogging thing goes... take care.