Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweet little Jax

This is not at all what I had in mind would be my next post but I wanted to let Jax have the spotlight for one last time.

Growing up I was not at all a dog lover. I didn't hate them but that was the extent to how I felt about them. Until I got Jax. This may seem so crazy to most and probably would have seemed crazy to me until I felt how it did to love a animal so much. He was so cute..and man did he have thee best personality. He always looked like he was smiling, he was the best at giving me loves when I asked for them. He used to run up to me with a toy and just look at me and wait for me to play tug-o-war or chase him which were his two favorite games. There are so many memories that I have and so greatful I did. On Friday my husband accidentally ran him over which ended up shattering his pelvis and dislocating his leg. He was so sweet and didn't even wine while we took him to the vet. He ended up passing away the next morning at the vet, I am so glad I didn't not have to make the decision, I dont think I could have. We buried him saturday and me and my husband have had such a hard time. I love you my little jax, jackson, jackson hole or my little jackson hewlet packard...dont forget "you got the moves like jackson" (sung to you got the moves like jagger)


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Oh I'm so sorry!!!!!!!! I know what you mean about knowing what it's like to love a dog...I hated dogs too (probably because of Matt and Cathy's nasty dogs) until we got our dog, and I now I'm like an animal rights advocate (jk). That must be so so hard :( He was such a cutie!

Britni and Chad Robertson said...

Sorry guys! That would be so hard! We need to see you soon!

Blake and Brandi Beck said...

Call me pathetic but this post brought a tear to my eye! I love dogs.. Bentlee is like my child. I am so sorry about little Jax I can't even imagine. Love you guys!