Sunday, April 7, 2013


When we first moved to Elko we stayed in the Super 8, for 9 months. Bad deal.
It was due to the fact that we were remodeling our first purchased home. It has taken a very long time, lots of hard work, a little money (sarcasm) and is still not complete but happy to say we moved in here almost a year ago exactly.
Let me give you a tour.

Before Living Room
Explanation: Gross carpet, popcorn ceilings, dated texture, crappy molding

No more popcorn ceiling, fresh texture, and tons to paint  

New Carpet (sure smells nice) new molding, fresh coat of paint, new lighting and a little decor..

Next I bring you to our kitchen.

Heart Shaped cutout cabinets (Seriously), sketchy floor and sketchy everything really

Everything in the dumpster. New sub floors, Sheetrock and texture

New Cabinets, Hardwood floor, granite counter tops and fresh paint :)

Dining Room just for the heck of it.

Come into the Master Bathroom

What do you know its disgusting.

Maybe a bit more disgusting

And you can finally open your eyes, big changes in the bathroom from tile to plumbing to windows etc...

Master bedroom is next

First reaction and thought (besides the obvious smell,carpet,and molding) the closet is freaking SMALL

Idea...take down old closet, make walk in by taking space from laundry room. Perfect plan.


New, new, new.


We also finished off our laundry room and two extra bedrooms but that might just start to bore you.
New decks, sheds and yard work are on our to do list next...busy busy summer.


john smith said...
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Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Wow, that seems like quite the project, but everything looks amazing!!! I love the finishes you chose, and you're quite the cute decorator :)

Bits & Pieces said...

Looks like you have been busy! It looks so pretty!Great Job